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Reactions to Biochemistry: Metabolic Solutions (Professor Roderick King - Inaugural Lecture)

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Trained as a biochemist at Bath and obtaining a doctorate in medical biochemistry at Leeds, Rod has spent over 35 years in academic life both as a lecturer and a researcher. His first research post (MRC) was with Professor Monty Lowsowsky at Jimmy's studying lipid metabolism but soon moved across the city to work with Professor John Golligher at Surgery LGI Leeds. Working with a dynamic team engaged upon surgical research proved to be too irresistible to contemplate thought of movement elsewhere or other discipline. He has extensive experience of research with human subjects as patients and also subjects in normal health in a variety of clinical contexts. Rod progressed from senior biochemist in Surgery at Leeds LGI to principal research fellow at Leeds Medical School. During this period he gained considerable ability and expertise in the design, implementation and analysis of data gained from many research investigations in the clinical area. Rod specialised on wet chemistry techniques and led the laboratory team within the academic unit at the LGI. He was fortunate to work on quantitative research with Professor Morgan in Chemical Pathology, with Dr Burkinshaw in the MRC neutron activation facility at Leeds and with Professors Johnston, Hill and McMahon in Surgical Research. A consequence of such activity is the variety of networks developed, not only academically but also with commercial organisations. Whilst working within clinical nutrition an idea was developed into a company through the help of ULIS (Innovations, Leeds University) and also LeedsMet. To achieve this necessitated comprehensive technical, industrial and commercial involvement between and with patent agents, suppliers, plant manufacturers, ingredient producers, marketing agents, product consultants, retail organisations and others on a national and international scale. He also worked with the Open University both as a tutor and consultant gaining experience with distance learning techniques and the teaching of science. Rod joined the School of Leisure and Sports Studies in 2000. He moved to the School from Leeds University where he had already worked in close collaboration with colleagues in this School. He was appointed as a Reader in 2004 and Professor in September 2004. This lecture was recorded on 9 March 2006.

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