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Teaching International Students – Improving Learning for All

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This is a ‘how to do it’ textbook providing a wealth of insight for university teachers operating in the multicultural environment in the UK. The volume contains 16 chapters divided into three parts: Cultural Migration and Learning; Methodologies and pedagogies; and Internationalising the Curriculum. The first section of the book concentrates on cross-cultural issues, examining the cultural beliefs of lecturers, home students and international students, and identifying ways that this 'cultural capital' is transforming HE in the UK. Part 2 looks at practical ways in which lecturers can adapt what they do to reflect the increasingly diverse student population, including sections on academic writing skills, group work and postgraduate supervision. The final section looks at programme and institution level actions. Several themes run through the book. First, the editors hold the view that improving the learning experience for international students is to the benefit of all students. The second theme is a rejection of the deficit view of international students. The third theme links to the inclusive view of culture, arguing that lecturers should use the experience and knowledge that international students have to create new learning contexts and opportunities that add value for all groups.

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