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The Global University: The Role of the Curriculum

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This collection of essays is particularly concerned with how universities conceive and shape their curricula to include the global and international dimension. The authors, therefore, in an institutional context, point the reader towards curriculum principles and practices. These essays contain some very helpful examples of how the curriculum can locate the international in the local. It does not pretend to be a comprehensive collection of good practice, but it contains enough to stir the imagination. Case studies are presented in the context of three key drivers for the integration of global perspectives. The work is therefore organised in three main sections: Curriculum development - influenced by students or faculty initiatives and motivated academics working together, sometimes with their students, to develop global perspectives programmes, courses and modules; Curriculum development - influenced by university-wide initiatives or programmes, corporate plans, Teaching and Learning Strategies, multi-disciplinary approaches and student programmes; Curriculum development - influenced by networks and external initiatives, support networks, communities of practice in the UK, strategic work with other organisations and institutions and collaboration with colleagues around the world.

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