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Internationalising the Curriculum: an annotated bibliography

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This annotated bibliography comprises a selection of books, journal articles, conference papers and other resources on the subject of the internationalised curriculum. It has been compiled initially from a library of global sources originally brought together as part of the review of literature in the field, commissioned by the Higher Education Academy in 2006 (Caruana, V. and Spurling, N., 2007). This has been up-dated to include more recent work. The central criterion for selection of material, other than books, has been accessibility – only resources readily available in electronic form via the WWW are cited along with articles appearing in HE journals to which Nottingham Trent University currently subscribes. The works included originate from various parts of the globe reflecting particular regional interests, traditions and perspectives. The Australian literature boasts a high level of engagement with considerations of diversity and inclusivity within the curriculum. Similarly, the American literature has long been pre-occupied with multiculturalism and multiple perspectives within the context of liberal education and more recently the trend towards globalisation has engendered a sharper focus on service or community learning and study abroad. The Netherlands is acknowledged as the birthplace of ‘Internationalisation at Home’ a concept that is gaining ground within the UK literature having been subordinate to traditional notions of internationalisation focused on recruitment of international students and experience abroad. Indeed, as evidenced in this bibliography having perhaps started to engage later, there is increasing research interest among UK HE practitioners in all aspects of the internationalised curriculum. The selection of books cited has been compiled with a view to giving the reader a solid grounding in the field and to appeal to particular interests and contexts. The electronic resources and journal articles similarly cover a number of perspectives and are thus organised under eight themes. Readers may browse by theme or search the resources using suggested key terms.

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