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The world crisis: the implications of globalised finance

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The term “globalisation” has survived its first significant sell-by date in modern times. Rightly, it continues to attract policy attention and debate at the very highest levels. Together with just a handful of others—economic growth and inequality, financial crisis, climate change—with all of which it remains inextricably intertwined, only globalisation among economic phenomena has both effects and causes observable from outer space. Its impact on the welfare of humanity is therefore singular. This is even before one considers the sweeping changes in culture and politics that ever greater global integration both requires and engenders. This article cannot hope to cover the massive body of modern thinking that surrounds globalisation. Instead, what it seeks to do is two-fold: first, flag, with the benefit of hindsight, some of the key background points that any continuing discussion of globalisation needs to keep in mind; and second, offer conjecture where the most likely contentious issues in the near future might be. To keep within space constraints, careful and exhaustive discussion of empirical evidence is omitted. Instead, just the largest salient facts are provided where needed.

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