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La rigidez flexible ¿un modelo para una Europa social?

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There are four concepts, ideas that you want to link in these pages: the moral economy, following the formulation of the English historian Edward Thompson, the risk society, which has become fashionable U. Beck, the governance of diverse origin, and the flexible rigidity, originally formulated by R. Dore. Their combination allows us to offer a reading and interpretation of employment relations in Europe in the sense stated below. European integration has been primarily a construction project of a common market. The same construction in this market at the supranational level has reinforced the trend towards a risk society and the elusiveness of the governance of the EU has laid a foundation for a little social regulation can cope. To implement a new regulation would require the mobilization and struggle for a new moral economy, in favor of building a Europe that is not bland, but a field formalism for the response. We juxtapose four concepts across the pages of this article: the moral economy as Formulated by the historian Edward Thompson Español, the wildly popular by U. Risk Society Beck, governance, taken from Different sources, and finally flexible rigidity, originally Formulated by R. Dore. These Ideas Will AFFORD Conjugating us a reading and interpretation of industrial relations in Europe in the Following terms. European integration first and foremost Has Been the building of a common market. Building this market on a supranational level trends have bolstered Towards a Risk Society whilst the elusive nature of governance in the EU in September have a poor social groundwork for Regulations Able to Confront this trend. In order to Implement New Regulations In This Sense, It Will Be NECESSARY to Mobilise and to fight for a new moral economy and the building of Europe is not a mere That formality But Rather a playing field for protest.

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