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9/11 ten years on - a symposium

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A decade after the September 11 attacks on the USA, and in the year of Osama bin Laden’s death, how are we to assess 9/11, its impact and its legacies? To what extent was 9/11 a watershed in international relations and politics? How greatly did the nature of the terrorist threat alter with and after 9/11? How has al-Qaeda changed in the past decade, and what is its current relation to the politics of the Islamic world? How and why do terrorist campaigns come to an end, and what lessons does post-9/11 experience distinctively teach regarding the end of terrorism? What are the societal legacies even after terrorist campaigns have ended? What have we learned, since 9/11, about the relationship between civil liberties, human rights and counter-terrorism? How should we assess the effectiveness of invasion and regime change as a means of addressing terrorism threats?

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