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SUBCAM technology as an instrument in psychological science

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What results can experimental psychologists gain from the use of video recordings in studies, using the “subject-based” (SubCam) method? The experimental subject, rigged with a point-of-view camera, becomes a first-hand participant in any such study. At the same time, the “SubCam” approach allows the experimenter viewing the proceedings to immerse her/himself in the gestalt of the situation, from the subject’s point of view. In this article, two conditions of the SubCam method, those critical to the compilation of solid empirical data, are discussed. Firstly, the generation of a sense of trust in study participants, and secondly, a methodical triangulation method for comparing data collected during SubCam-recorded occurrences. As for the latter, special attention in this article is focused on “cooperative debriefing” as a possible way to facilitate the best interpretation of observed situations, and the conclusions that can be drawn. This article was published in English and Russian. Details on publisher website at

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