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State violence and punishment in India

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1. Introduction 2. Jallianwala Bagh, the Punjab Disturbances of 1919, and the Limits of State Power in India, 1919-1920 3. Disobedience and Discord: The Non-Cooperation Movement, 1920-1925 4. Extra-Judicial Punishments and the Civil Disobedience Movement, 1930-1934 5. Legislating against Communal Violence: The United Provinces Goonda Act, and the Bombay Whipping Act, 1929-1938 6. The Hunger Strikes of the Lahore Conspiracy Case Prisoners, 1929-1938 7. The Second World War and India’s Coercive Network, 1939-1946 8. Partition and the Transitional State in India, 1947-1948 9. The Police action in Hyderabad and the Making of the Postcolonial State in India, 1947-1956 10. Conclusion

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