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UK Resilience programme evaluation: second interim report

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There are increasing concerns about children’s well-being in the UK, their behaviour, and the low academic attainment of a large fraction of the population. Recently, the potential and duty of schools to promote pupils’ well-being has been stressed as part of the Every Child Matters agenda. In September 2007, three local authorities (South Tyneside, Manchester and Hertfordshire) piloted a programme with Year 7 pupils in 22 of their schools, with the aim of building pupils’ resilience and promoting well-being: the UK Resilience Programme. More schools have since begun teaching the programme. The evaluation aims to investigate whether the programme (previously trialled in small samples) can be delivered at scale; whether it has an impact on children’s well-being; and if so, whether this will have an impact on behaviour, attendance and academic attainment.

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