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Public law: text, cases and materials

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Part 1: Constitutional fundamentals 1: Getting started in public law 2: Legitimacy in the constitution: parliamentary sovereignty and the rule of law 3: Distributing, separating and balancing power 4: Protecting human rights and civil liberties 5: Case study: reforming the Lord Chancellor Part II: Executive functions Introduction to Part II 6: Government and accountability in the UK 7: Exercise and control of executive power in the European Union 8: Prerogative powers and case study on the war prerogative Part III: Legislative functions Introduction to Part III 9: Primary legislation 10: Delegated legislation 11: European Union treaties and the legislative process 12: Case studies: what happens when the Commons and the Lords disagree Part IV: Judicial and dispute resolution functions Introduction to judicial and dispute resolution functions 13: Judges and courts 14: Administrative justice and tribunals 15: Judicial review 16: Human rights in the UK courts 17: European Union law in the UK courts

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