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Global challenges for identity policies

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Governments are rapidly developing and transforming national policies for identity management. If done well the rewards are remarkable; if done poorly, policy failure will be slow but nearly certain. Comprehensive identity policies involve creating or adapting schemes for the collection and processing of individual–specific data that will be shared across services, both within and beyond government, often for a variety of purposes. The range of bodies involved in such policy developments is extensive, raising important issues both for the government led implementation of such policies and for academics to study and engage the policy deliberations as they take place. The authors have followed the UK National Identity Scheme for the past six years, from the introduction of the draft Bill, its passage through Parliament, to its current, heavily cutback implementation. By placing the UK experience in its global context this book provides a comprehensive review of the key arenas where identity policies are developed and provides detailed recommendations for policy makers who wish to introduce or update their identity policy.

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