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Designing information systems for development planning

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The introduction of information systems is rarely straightforward or completely successful in both developed and in developing economies. The reasons for the problems associated with the introduction of IT are varied and often unrecognized or misunderstood. This book increases the understanding of the task of developing decentralized information systems for development planning in countries with emerging and developing economies. In particular, the book explains the interaction between the process of technology adoption and the socio-organizational and political factors which have challenged and often hindered and successful adoption of technology. The book takes as its central theme the practical and real-life process of technology adoption in developing economies. It contains a central case study, the Computerized Rural Information Systems Projects in India, which was launched in the mid-1980s to promote the decentralization of rural development. Through discussion of this practical experience, the book reveals the inadequacies of existing information systems theory to cope adequately with the problems and challenges faced by developing countries in introducing computer-based information systems. The book is suitable for: postgraduate students and researchers in information systems, economics, sociology and politics; management consultants engaged in information systems development; practitioners in aid agencies responsible for information systems; and trainers in developing countries.

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