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Intensify efforts to reach Muslims

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For example, President [Bush], asked about the Gallup Poll, said that if the United States shows leadership in the war on terrorism, 'the world will follow'. Not really. While the United States might be able to twist the arms of its Muslim allies to join the campaign on terror, it will not be able to influence Muslim public opinion without direct and full engagement with local societies. The Bush administration must adopt a farsighted, longer-term strategy to aggressively compete in the war of ideas and persuade the large 'floating middle' of Muslim public opinion that it is committed to promoting human rights, peace and development in Muslim societies. The United States must also directly explain to Muslims the rationale for its foreign policies and make these policies more palatable to them. Lesson 1: The more open Muslim societies are, the less anti- American they tend to be. Lebanon and Turkey, two of the freest countries in the Muslim world, had the highest number of respondents who viewed the United States favorably, with 41 percent saying they view America in a positive light.

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