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Working life: employee attitudes and engagement 2006

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How do employees in the UK feel about their work? What leads some employees to 'go the extra mile' at work? And what can you do to raise levels of motivation and engagement in your organisation? This report is based on a nationwide survey of 2,000 employees conducted in July 2006. The report is the latest in a long-running series for CIPD. The report looks at: - the effect of demographic variables on attitudes to work, - working life, including occupations, working hours, and work-life balance, - what employees think of their managers and leaders, and of communication in their organisations, - employee well-being, job satisfaction, an experience of stress at work, - dimensions of engagement: emotional, cognitive and physical, and - how all these factors impact on individual performance, intention to leave and sickness absence. Benefits for you: - a picture of the experience of work in the UK today, - insight into the drivers of employee engagement, - benchmarks on attitudinal issues to use alongside your own staff survey data, and - recommendations for improving employee engagements levels in your organisation.

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