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A framework for analysing migrant health policies in Europe

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Evidence suggests migrants experience inequalities in health and access to health care. However, to date there has been little analysis of the policies employed to address these inequalities. This article develops a framework to compare migrant health policies, focusing on England, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden. The first issue addressed in the framework is data collection. All four countries collect migrant health data, but many methodological limitations remain. The second issue is targeting of population groups. Countries typically focus either on first generation immigrants or on ethnic minorities, but not both, despite the often divergent needs of the two groups. Another issue is whether specific diseases should take priority in migrant health policy. While communicable diseases, sexual and reproductive health and mental health have been targeted, there may be a lack of attention paid to lifestyle related risk factors and preventive care. Fourthly, decisions about the mix of demand and supply-side interventions need to be made and evaluated. Finally, the challenge of implementation is discussed. Although migrant health policy has been elaborated in the four countries, implementation has not necessarily reflected this on the ground. These experiences signal important policy issues and options in the development of migrant health policies in Europe.

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