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UK pension fund management after Myners: the hunt for correlation begins

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The Myners Report will have a number of significant consequences for pension fund management and performance measurement in the UK. It changes the way in which assets are selected. The strategic asset allocation will have overriding importance in pension fund management. Asset classes will be selected on the basis of their match with liabilities in terms of correlation and volatility, rather than on the basis of expected return. Every pension scheme will have a scheme-specific funding standard that reflects the maturity structure of the liabilities of the scheme. It changes the role of the fund manager. A hierarchical relationship will develop between the investment advisor, actuary and fund manager. The investment advisory function assumes a primacy over the actuarial and fund management functions. It changes the way investment performance is measured. Liability-driven performance measurement and attribution will replace the existing performance measurement framework in the UK. The passively managed components of the pension fund will be judged on the costs of implementation. Only the performance of the surplus assets will be measured on a conventional basis. The Myners Report is summarised and an illustrative statement of investment principles and transparency statement are presented.

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