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Keeping the s-curve in mind: sustainability

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The S-curve refers to the graph which shows how the number of people who are infected with HIV or sick due to AIDS increases geometrically over time. This degree of increase means that in the context of a long-term epidemic of a slow-acting virus, it is extremely important to achieve sustainability in terms of long-term funding, retention of organizational human resources, and the maintenance of long-term relationships with community groups. The need for sustainability, however, is not taken seriously because of financial constraints, short-term organizational budget planning, and funders' interest in supporting causes and programs which are currently deemed fashionable. People should nonetheless keep the S-curve in their minds as a reminder of the growing HIV/AIDS pandemic and why sustainability is so important in HIV/AIDS work. The world will have to cope with the effects of increased AIDS-related illness and premature death for many more years.

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