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Translocal geographies: spaces, places, connections

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‘Translocal Geographies: Spaces, Places and Connections’ sets out a new agenda for mobility - one which emphasises the enduring connectedness between, and embeddedness within, places during the experience of mobility. While in recent years, a proliferation of debates has emerged around the links between mobility, movement and the formation of transnational or diasporic identities, our book breaks new ground by arguing for a spatial understanding of translocality that situates the migrant experience within/across particular ‘locales’ without confining it to the territorial boundedness of the nation-state. The main feature is the examination of these issues through three broad themes – home and family, neighbourhoods and city spaces – each of which allows the reader to engage with migrants’ diverse practices that are specifically local, yet spatially global. This is achieved through its coverage of original empirical research in locations and interconnected geographical contexts across the world – Europe, Australasia, Asia, Africa, Central and Latin America. The book concludes that ‘translocal geographies’ offer a more variegated understanding of the translocal networks and registers of affiliation which shape migrants' experiences across the world.

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