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Andrew Gould 1946— Biography

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Career: Ernst & Young, ?–1975; Schlumberger, 1975–1977, Internal Audit Paris; 1977–1979, controller, Schlumberger Instrument Velizy; 1979–1981, controller, FEA Wireline; 1981–1982, coltroller, Forex Neptune; 1982–1984, controller, Drilling & Production Services; 1984, vice president, Finance Dowell Schlumberger Houston; 1984–1985, treasurer, Atlantic Asia; 1985–1986, controller, Wireline & Testing; 1986–1990, treasurer, SL NY; 1990–1991, vice president operations, Sedco Forex; 1991–1993, president of Sedco Forex, 1993–1998, president of Wireline & Testing; 1998–1999, president of Oilfield Services Products; 1999–2002, executive vice president of Oilfield Services; 2002, president and COO; 2003–, chairman and CEO.

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