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Dennis J. FitzSimons 1950— Biography

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Career: Stock-transfer company, 1972, account officer; Grey Advertising, 1972–1973, assistant buyer; Peters, Griffin, Woodward, 1973–1975, marketing representative; Blair Television, 1975–1977, marketing representative; TeleRep, 1977–1981, account executive, then program salesman; Viacom, 1981, director of sales and marketing; 1982, director of sales and marketing for WVIT-TV; Tribune Company, 1982–1984, director of sales; 1984–1985, station general manager of WGNO-TV; 1985–1987, vice president of operations for Tribune Broadcasting; 1987–1991, vice president and general manager of WGN-TV; 1992–1994, president of Tribune Broadcasting's Tribune Television Division; 1994–2003, executive vice president of Tribune Broadcasting; 2000, executive vice president; 2001–2003, president and COO; 2003–2004, CEO and president; 2004–, chairman, CEO, and president.

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