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Clarence P. Cazalot Jr. 1951— Biography

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Career: Texaco, 1972–1974, geophysicist; offshore division, 1974–1976, various posts; 1976–1977, assistant district geologist; 1977–1979, district geologist; 1979–1981, assistant division geologist; 1981–1984, regional manager of exploration; 1984–1985, staff geologist for exploration and production executive committee; 1985–1987, assistant to vice chairman; frontier exploration department, 1987–1992, general manager; 1992–2000, corporate vice president; 1992, president of Latin America/West Africa Division; Texaco Exploration and Production, 1994–1997, president; Texaco International Marketing and Manufacturing, 1997–1998, president; Texaco Ltd., 1998–1999, president for international production and chairman; 1999–2000, corporate vice president and president for production operations; USX Corporation, 2000–2001, vice chairman; Marathon Oil Company (an operating unit of USX), 2000–2001, president; Marathon Oil Corporation, 2001–, president and CEO.

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