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Wulf H. Bernotat 1948— Biography

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Career: Shell, 1976–1981, legal-department counsel; 1981–1984, Business Development Manager for Eastern Europe; 1984–1986, head of Lubricant and Fuel Trading Business for Germany; 1986–1987, strategic planning; 1987–1988, Erdgas marketing; 1988–1989, head of distribution for Aviation and Public Authorities; 1989–1992, general manager for Portugal; 1992–1995, area coordinator for Africa and coordinator of Southern Hemisphere Coal Business; 1995, board of management member; VEBA, 1996–1998, board of management member; 1998–2000, head of downstream marketing and distribution; Stinnes, 2000–2002, chairman; E.ON, 2003–, chairman and CEO.

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