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Playing China’s internet market

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Bring up a social networking service with 500 million members and you’d likely think of the massively popular Facebook. But not so in China where it’s all about Qzone, a multimedia social networking site with, reportedly, some 458 million members, which allows users to send messages, create blogs, share photos and listen to music, among many other features.

There’s more. One click can take you to QQ, an instant messaging (IM) service, or to QQ Games, an online gaming portal, or to, an e-commerce consumer to consumer site. The numbers are staggering – in June, QQ reported 612 million active users accounts and claimed 78 per cent of the IM market share in the country.

Qzone, QQ,,, QQ mail, all come under the service portfolio of Tencent, China’s largest internet player, operating under the mantra of providing a ‘one-stop online life experience.’

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