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Looking to the future: Fahad Al-Raqbani

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Fahad Al-Raqbani talks with a combination of awe and pride about his seven-year-old son; his mastery of the internet, of high technology and his ease in a rapidly-changing world. For Al-Raqbani junior and others of his age, progress and change go hand in hand. The biggest changes Fahad Al-Raqbani has seen in his own lifetime are here at his own front door, in the United Arab Emirates, where his country has experienced ‘dramatic change’ in such a short time. He is enthused and energised by the speed and focus on the direction, particularly as he talks about the new breed of young leaders emerging in the UAE, leaders that will carry on the vision and success of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, the founder of the nation.

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