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Uganda Microfinance Union (Umu): A Case Study

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The Uganda Microfinance Union (UMU) has become one of Uganda?s leading microfinance institutions. It began four years ago with a small equity loan of about US$30,000 and has grown to US$1.5 million in total assets. Through a network of five branches, UMU serves16,577 clients (70% women), all of whom savers and 63% are borrowers. As of July 2001, UMU?s outstanding loan portfolio was US$1 million and savings were over US$400,000. It is diversified: 50% of its portfolio is in trade, 35% in agriculture, 12% in services, and 3% in manufacturing. Its repayment rate has remained at 98% or above. Its operational sustainability is 111% and its financial selfsustainability 92%. What factors have contributed to UMU?s success?

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Gloria Almeyda

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