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Good Tourism Policies - Walking the Tightrope

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Tourism policy matters in cultural tourism. The starting point of this paper is the observation thatmany tourism policy studies draw three inter-related conclusions. One, tourism policy must beinclusive and require the support of different stakeholders (Baker 2009; Bernhard Jørgensen andMunar 2009). Two, a balanced approach to tourism policy is needed to harness the benefits oftourism while mitigating negative effects (Budeanu 2009; Chang 1997; Jenkins 1997; Leheny 1995,Newby 1994; Teo and Yeoh, 1997). Three, tourism policies should accentuate and maintain thecultural uniqueness and authenticity of the destination (Morgan et al. 2011). It seems that manytourism authorities are ignorant of local interests, unaware of the touristification of local culturesand uninterested in promoting local cultures. But local cultures and communities are what thatconstitute cultural tourism.

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Can-Seng Ooi

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