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The Internationalization Process of Digital Service Providers

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Kun abstrakt findes online. Trykt udgave have på CBS Bibliotek. ; The aim of this study is elaborating the current understanding of a relatively new phenomenon: theinternationalization process of digital service providers. It deploys a multiple case studymethodology. Based on the case analyses and the discovery of new insights this study proposes aconceptual framework attempting at elaborating existing International Business theory.The analytical process of this study begins with explaining its context and developing definitionsthat are necessary for the purpose of data collection and case construction. Next, selectedInternational Business theories and concepts are reviewed and contextualized propositions aredeveloped. Following a detailed presentation of the case studies, the propositions are analyzedthrough per-case analyses. This analysis is coupled with a theory development exercise (which ispresented in subsequent distinct sections). Here, unique findings of each case are analyzed insequential per-case analyses in order to identify emerging patterns. Rudimentary concepts, whichare grounded in the case findings, are proposed through the cross case analysis. In addition, theanalysis of the propositions is summarized at this stage. Subsequently, a conceptual framework isproposed. To provide foundations for the framework, the proposed constructs are defined andexplored more deeply, also through collecting additional data and integrating additional externalliterature. The conceptual framework is presented in the form of testable hypotheses. Finally,implications for International Business theory are drawn from the analyses and the conceptualframework.

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Moshe Yonatany

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