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From Concept Models to Conceptual Data Models

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Fremlagt på konferencen Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference 2010, 12. - 13. august, Dublin ; In order to develop a harmonised and efficient IT system, such as adatabase, it is important to be familiar with the underlying conceptmodel (concept systems) for the relevant domain which the IT systemshould be designed to accommodate, as this forms the necessary firmfoundation for designing the conceptual data model. Although there isno one-to-one correlation between concept and characteristic featuresin the concept model and classes and attributes in the conceptual datamodel, there are many similarities between concept modelling andconceptual data modelling, and by closely examining the relationshipbetween the two models, we have strived to construct an algorithm forcreating conceptual data models in Unified Modelling Language(UML) on the basis of concept models that adhere to the traditionalprinciples and methods of terminology work.

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Bodil Nistrup Madsen, Anna Elisabeth Odgaard

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