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Automatic Ontology Construction for a National Term Bank

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Fremlagt på konferencen Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference 2010, 12. - 13. august, Dublin ; In our paper we present a project, the aim of which is to developinnovative and advanced methods for dynamic and automaticextraction of knowledge about concepts from texts and for automaticconstruction of ontologies. The project builds on and further developsthe results of the CAOS project - Computer-Aided OntologyStructuring - which was carried out at Copenhagen Business School inthe period 1998-2007. Terminological ontologies differ from othertypes of ontologies by comprising feature specifications and subdivisioncriteria. We have formalised subdivision criteria that have been used for many years in terminology work, by introducing dimensions anddimension specifications. In the CAOS prototype, facilities for semiautomaticchecking of inconsistencies were developed.

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Bodil Nistrup Madsen, Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Jakob Halskov, Tine Lassen

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