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Entering the Space of the wardrobe

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This paper is written in preparation for the ‘Wardrobe Ethnographies’ conference to beheld in Herning in June 2011. It aims to provide a research framework that goes beyond acatalogue of existing literature, and to provide discussion points for the conference papers.Scholars from several different disciplines have studied wardrobes and dress practicesthrough a range of ethnographic and related qualitative and quantitative methods. Theaim of the conference and ensuing book is to bring together a series of papers whichcombine a discussion of research approaches and methods with an ethnographic accountof research findings. We hope to make a dual argument; firstly as obbjects of studywardrobes and dress practices can generate critical and innovative insights both at microand macro levels; , and secondly, that what I tentatively term wardrobe ethnographies area feasible and realistic research approach that is attracting scholars from differentdisciplines and with different research interests.

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Lise Skov

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