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Studying Popular Culture in Japan - An Anthropological Approach

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This working paper – written for inclusion as a chapter on Japanese society, to bepublished in Chinese by the Beijing University of Foreign Studies later in 2011 – looks atpopular culture as a form of cultural production. It argues for the need to study popularcultural forms like advertisements, ceramics, fashion magazines and folk art as bothproducts and as processes of design, manufacture, distribution, appreciation and use, whichmust all be taken into account. Precisely because popular cultural forms are both culturalproducts and commodities, they reveal the complementary nature of the two categories ofculture and the economy. The paper outlines and analyses the different ways in whichsocial, cultural, symbolic and economic capital are converted by those participating inadvertising, ceramic, fashion magazine and folk art worlds, and suggests that popularculture may best be seen as a name economy.

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Brian Moeran

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