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Hybrid Organisations - A study of the Open Source – business setting

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This research project examines how the conflicting institutional logics are dealtwith in a hybrid organisational form. The empirical setting of the study is an OpenSource – business collaboration in software development projects. The idea ofmaking a case study of the Open Source – business collaboration is interestingfrom both theoretical and business perspectives. Since companies realised that theworld’s most talented people are distributed throughout various organisations,rather than members of a single team or corporation, the open innovation modelcould be neither underestimated nor ignored by the business. However, thatsolution brings new challenges, especially for business-oriented organisations. Thechallenges come from the significant differences between new open models andthe classic closed-innovation model, which grew on the concept of the institutionof the intellectual property rights. Open Source, on the contrary, is intrinsically ananti-corporational, pro-knowledge-sharing and creativity motivated movement. Asa result, in the era of open collaboration in knowledge-integrating platforms theeveryday problems are constituted of dealing with mixture of institutionalbackgrounds, business models and professional identities......

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Malgorzata Ciesielska

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