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Technology transfer as a form of Co-Creation for Future Market Creation - issues, frames and concepts

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remains a major preoccupation of governments, non-government organisations, internationalfunding agencies and technologists. In the past developmental strategists and policy makers haveconceptualised development as an instance of capacity building (Thursby et al. 2009) wheretechnology transfer in particular has been considered primarily as a diffusion process (José et al.2009). Technology in this case, is introduced because it is seen to be a benevolent lever for humandevelopment (Musa et al. 2005). In this paper we will develop an alternative argument to thebenevolence thesis predicating its success or failure in a local context on the nature of the cocreationprocess and the facilitation of a parallel market where the outcomes of the co-creationprocess can be exchanged.The paper aims to conceptualise co-creation as an alternative to technology transfer anddemonstrate how co-creation of ICT innovation can enable the emergence of future markets. Weargue how our conception of the co-creation of future markets using ICT can be a novel way tothink of technology transfer for sustained social economic development. The first part of the paperwill be a framing exercise i.e. it will describe the boundaries within which co-creation operates,what we understand by co-creation and how it may help bring about a future market around a locus.This locus is enabled by generative ideas, provides the catalysts for new and novel solutions; hasthe ability to construct artefacts and the power to sustain the dissemination of the virtues’ of thecreated artefact(s). We then explain how generative ideas combine with construction motivessupported by an instructive environment that will facilitate and sustain the co-creation process.Finally we will explain how technology can be identified, modified for uptake and diffusion forcreating future markets.

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Sudhanshu Rai, Jean-Paul van Belle, Mogens Kuhn Pedersen

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