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Authority and Autonomy - Paradoxes of Modern Knowledge Work

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The thesis is a thorough empirical study of discourses, fantasies, and patterns of interaction in highinvolvementknowledge work. My interest in the issue was sparked by a fascination with the intensityand contradictory nature of working life for many high-skilled workers. I was curious about theambiguities and paradoxes existing within the same dynamic, and I was puzzled by the fact that suchtension-ridden and precarious machinery could keep functioning despite its constant episodes ofbreakdown – be they emotional or organizational. My intention was to find a gaze and a languagewhich could capture these ambiguities and tensions, rather than insisting on classical dualisms such asprofit versus meaning, instrumentality versus authenticity, power versus freedom, and influence versusvulnerability......

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Susanne Ekman

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