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Objectives for a Query Language for User-Activity Data

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One of the aims of the Eye-to-IT project (FP6 IST 517590) is to integratekeyboard logging and eye-tracking data to study and anticipate the behaviourof human translators. This so-called User-Activity Data (UAD) wouldmake it possible to empirically ground cognitive models and to validate hypothesesof human processing concepts in the data. In order to thoroughly ground acognitive model of the user in empirical observation, two conditions must be metas a minimum. All UAD data must be fully synchronised so that data relate toa common construct. Secondly, data must be represented in a queryable form sothat large volumes of data can be analysed electronically.Two programs have evolved in the Eye-to-IT project: TRANSLOG is designedto register and replay keyboard logging data, while GWM is a tool to record andreplay eye-movement data. This paper reports on an attempt to synchronise andintegrate the representations of both software components so that sequences ofkeyboard and eye-movement data can be retrieved and their interaction studied.The outcome of this effort would be the possibility to correlate eye- and keyboardactivities of translators (the user model) with properties of the source and targettexts and thus to uncover dependencies in the UAD.

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Michael Carl, Arnt Lykke Jakobsen, Kristian T. H. Jensen

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