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Performance Talk - Next Generation Management of Organizational Performance

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Managers must aspire to understand their organization in a way that allowsthem to take appropriate actions when necessary and to be able to utilizetools which encourage the organization to behave in a desirable way. Thefield of performance management deals with these objectives and is becomingincreasingly pervasive.However, the author’s personal experience and substantial scholarshipsuggest that performance management is linked to dysfunctional behavior inorganizations. Various current explanations for the link between measurementand dysfunction revolve around observability or knowledge of the transformationprocess, but seem simplistic and inadequate. This work examinesmeasurement as one representational form out of many others, for exampletext. It is proposed that the representational form used in performance managementpractice is implicated with dysfunctional behavior.This demands an exploration of the relevant facets of organizational realitywhich influence the relationship with various representational forms. After atheoretical positioning, the relationship is explored empirically through onsitevisits at two Microsoft Corporation locations in Copenhagen and Redmond.Thirty stories of performance management, based on interviews with seniormanagers, are presented. The stories provide the basis for establishing a richunderstanding of organizational reality and the implications of using variousrepresentational forms in terms of dysfunctional behavior.These implications lead to a fundamental rethinking of the form andboundaries of performance management theory and practice, and emphasizethe need for a multi-paradigmatic approach to performance management,which is presented.

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Brian Kane

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