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Taking stock of CSR & SMEs in development

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The international literature on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) hasfocused on large rms, in the North, mostly applying normative, universaland positivist approaches. However, over the last 10-15 years increasingattention has been directed towards micro, small and medium-sized rms,SMEs. While the focus on CSR in SMEs mainly has been con ned to a Northerncontext, limited, though growing, focus has been on CSR in SMEs in aSouthern or developing country context. The paper assesses the contributionson CSR and SMEs in Development. It does so by presenting threedominant and con icting perceptions of SMEs in the CSR literature (SMEsas problems vs. SMEs as innovators; SMEs as miniature versions of large rms vs. SMEs in their own right; SMEs responding to voluntary approachesvs. SMEs responding to state regulation). The paper then takes stock ofwhat we know about CSR, SMEs and Development (concerning environmentalissues; labour, safety & health; global supply chains; and nally CSRand SMEs in Clusters) and what we don’t know. The paper nally argues infavour of a critical research based on a) focus on Southern perspectives, b)SMEs in their own right, and c) application of context-sensitive approaches.It advocates the key issues of a critical CSR in SMEs in Developmentresearch agenda should be focused at the interface between SME, CSR andDevelopment issues. It presents four main parts or areas of such an agendaand three suggestions concerning policy initiatives, before it brie yconcludes on the changes that the eld has undergone over the 10-15years observed.

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Soeren Jeppesen

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