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The Case for an Everyday International Political Economy

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Our everyday actions have important consequences for the constitution andtransformation of the local, national, regional and global contexts. How, what, andwith whom we spend, save, invest, buy and produce in our ordinary lives shapesmarkets and how states choose to intervene in them. The political, economic, andsocial networks with which we associate ourselves provide us not only with meaningabout how we think economic policy is made, but also constitute vehicles for howeconomic policy, both at home and abroad, should be made. And while elite actors inpolitics and economics obviously have more direct influence, this should not obscurethe point that peripheral actors can challenge the legitimacy of how power isexercised. Nor should it obscure the point that such actors have a good deal moreagency in terms of determining their own life experiences as well as those of othersthrough their everyday actions than is commonly recognised.

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Leonard Seabrooke, John Hobson

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