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The management academia - A naked carnival

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This paper describes the current state of the management academia as a nakedcarnival, namely, most of the management researches have no such a clothes calledpractical relevance. It is intended to provide an explanation why managementresearch has become irrelevant to the real management practice. It argues there arethree factors behind the irrelevance problem: first, the ‘scientific model’ ofmanagement studies generates an initial and internal force which pushes themanagement research away from practice management studies supposed to serve;second, paradigm maintenance effort of the mainstream management scholarsprevents the irrelevant management academia moving back towards managementpractice; third, the surrounding environment provides the management academiaanything but a strong counter force to change the irrelevance reality. This paper alsoargues any solutions under the ‘scientific model’ are doomed to failure; and the onlyway out is to completely abandon the ‘scientific model’ and adopt a ‘professionalmodel’ of management studies. Unfortunately, this paper argues such a radicalchange from within is highly unlikely to happen.

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Xin Li

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