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Vestas Wind Systems A/S - Exploiting Global R&D Synergies

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Much had happened since the CEO of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Ditlev Engel, broadcast thecompany’s new corporate strategy – The Will to Win 2005-2008 – from headquarters inRanders, Denmark to all Vestas employees worldwide in 2005. Vestas, the market-leadingproducer of high-tech wind turbines, had since a merger the year before with a Danish turbineproducer experienced financial difficulties, and management was therefore replaced withfresh leadership that could bring the Danish company to new heights. With the newmanagement came a radical reorganization and the announcement of several new strategicinitiatives. As Engel stated, “These initiatives are aimed at increasing effectiveness in all areasof Vestas’s business. We will professionalize our dialogue with the customers, we willimprove the quality of our products and we will be much more effective in all that we do.” 1The charismatic CEO also argued that “by the implementation of The Will to Win, we create anew global Vestas. This work will, no doubt, be exciting and very hard. At the same time, itwill require the will to change in all of us and I am confident that we at Vestas can meet thischallenge.”

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Torben Pedersen

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