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Go West: The Growth of Bollywood

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This paper builds insight into how globalization impacts cultural clusters,through a case study of Bollywood, the Indian film cluster in Mumbai. Thepaper’s analysis of the recent growth and consolidation of Bollywood, as well asthe cluster’s development of a new film formula, illustrates that globalizationdoes not necessarily entail westernization of culture. Instead, the paper suggeststhat early-mover advantages held by the world’s core cultural clusters may beeroded by globalization, as it creates pipelines of information, talent and capital,allowing hitherto peripheral cultural clusters to access export markets anddevelop exportable products. Analyzing the role of the Indian diasporas for theexport growth of Bollywood, the paper also offers a discussion of the differencebetween two different aspects of globalization: Global flows of people and global bridgeheads of people.

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Mark Lorenzen

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