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Dress and Fashion in Denmark

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In terms of dress and fashion Denmark is an example of a West Europeanperipheral country within the international fashion system. Since the MiddleAges, new fashions have found their way to Denmark through theinternationally oriented royal family, the purchases of well-traveled citizens,various international and national fashion reports, and the internationalpurchases by local retailers. With varying speed new cuts, colors and styleshave impressed themselves upon both the everyday and festive fashions of theDanish wardrobe. The same foreign influence applies to local fashionproduction. Design, craftsmanship and technology has through time beenshaped under influences from abroad. But these international influences havenot undermined the recurring idea of a particular Danish dress and fashionculture. In the middle of the 19th century the prevailing view was that thepeasants’ festive dress represented specific national dress. By the beginning ofthe 21st century discussions in the Danish fashion industry and industry policyconcern Denmark’s status as a fashion nation and Copenhagen as a possiblenew global fashion center. This is due to the growing Danish fashion culture,the textile and clothing industry’s export success, and not least the fact thatDenmark is a world-leading fur exporter.

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Marie Riegels Melchior

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