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Mobile Services Revisited - An Analysis of ICMB 2006

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This paper analyzes the 44 papers included in the proceedings of the 5th ICMB conference inCopenhagen 2006. The purpose of the paper was to investigate to what extent the conferencefulfilled its objectives which was to compare previous expectations with present realities alongthe following four areas: (1) business models, (2) the influence of m-business on private andwork life, (3) the impact of regulation, and (4) the re-composition of the value network. In theanalysis we apply the well-known framework by Lyytinen and Yoo for studying nomadiccomputing. In addition to this we also classify the papers in relation to type of artifactinvestigated, application area, and research methodology. The analysis show that the main focuslay on the use and adoption of mobile services – over 60% of the papers address. Few papersaddress the impact of service on any level of analysis. Business model is a recurring topic in 17of the papers. There is lack in theorizing of the artifact, e.g. many just study mobile devices, butdo not describe what type they study.

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Jan Damsgaard, Jonas Hedman

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