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SUMMARYThe summary presents an overview of the dissertation and major findings of myresearch:· Research Area, Questions and Design· Frame of Reference - Domain Knowledge· Major FindingsResearch Area, Questions and DesignThis dissertation investigates development and use of multimedia teaching cases, asapplied in business education. Teaching cases present companies, and the current problemsor opportunities they are facing. (Barnes, Christensen and Hansen 1994, Maufette-Leenders, Erskine and Leenders 1997, Heath 1998, Manninen 1997.) The primarycharacteristic is that the case is based on real events. Very often the case descriptionfollows a decision-making situation. (Mauffette-Leenders, Erskine, and Leenders 1997,Hazard 2000.) The case is prepared by students and then discussed in class. The objectiveof the class discussion is to analyse the company's situation and come up with viablestrategies for the future (Leenders and Erskine 1989, Heath 1998, Orngreen and Bielli2001). Cases were introduced to business education already in 1910 at the HarvardBusiness School, and have since then gained widespread use throughout the world(Leenders and Erskine 1989). Traditionally teaching cases have been written descriptions,but the teaching cases in this dissertation are multimedia cases.The use of multimedia teaching cases is a relatively new phenomenon. Because of thenovelty of the approach, research on how to apply these or developing them is extremelylimited. Though I investigate both a use and a development perspective, the use dimensionis investigated with the purpose to inform development. In particular the dissertationresults in a set of roles and tools influencing the development process, which is also seen inmy three research questions:1. Which roles and tools characterise the development and use of multimediateaching cases for business education?2. How are these roles and tools applied to the multimedia development process,and how do they support or restrain the development.3. How are the development roles and tools, and the use roles and toolsinterrelated, and how do they relate to a development model for multimediateaching cases?

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Rikke N. Ørngreen

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