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The A.P Møller shares, the US dollar and the price of oil

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1. Brief IntroductionThe two companies D/S Svendborg and D/S 1912 have for almost a century been the parent companiesof the A.P. Møller Group. These companies were founded by Mr. Arnold Peter Møller and his fatherCaptain Peter Mærsk Møller. They were in the beginning entirely into shipping. In 1912, the fleetconsisted of 6 vessels.Much has happened since the company was founded: The A.P. Møller Group has by any standardsbecome the biggest company in Denmark. Moreover, "Svendborg" and "1912" have recently beenmerged into one company "A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S". However, as we shall be concerned with theperformance of the company also in the past we will repeatedly make reference to the historic parentcompanies.As "Svendborg" and "1912" grew bigger they expanded into a number of other businesses. It iscommon to split the main businesses of the APM Group into three broad categories:

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