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Knowledge governance mechanisms and the theory of the firm

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The paper builds on existing empirical research on knowledge transfer and sharing in inter-firmand intra-firm networks, for constructing a comparative framework. The first comparative questionaddressed is: what types of organizational network can govern what types of knowledge network?Both the cognitive difficulty of communication and the incentive to give information turn out to befundamental in finding an answer. The variables influencing those two dimensions are discussed (divergence in knowledge and preference, computational and epistemic complexity). The secondcomparative question is what the differences are between intra-firm and interfirm knowledge flowsand knowledge governance mechanisms. The results of our analysis downplay the exclusiveproperties of firms in knowledge transfer/sharing respects hypothesised by the ‘knowledge-basedtheory of the firm’, and call for a more ‘continuous’ (rather than ‘discrete’) and ‘combinatorial’(rather than ‘idealtipical’) notion of governance mechanisms and forms.

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Anna Grandori

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