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Complex adaptive systems ecology - A structuralist analysis

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In the following, I will analyze two articles called Complex Adaptive Systems EcologyI & II (Molin & Molin, 1997 & 2000). The CASE-articles are some of the more quirkyarticles that have come out of the Molecular Microbial Ecology Group – a groupwhere I am currently making observational studies. They are the result of acooperation between Søren Molin, professor in the group, and his brother, JanMolin, professor at Department of Organization and Industrial Sociology atCopenhagen Business School. The cooperation arises from the recognition that bothmicrobial ecology and sociology/organization theory works with communities ofsorts. The articles explore if insights from the one field – organization theory – canbe used fruitfully in the other field – microbiology.The two articles are written as prolongations of each other and I will considerCASE I & II to be two parts of the same textual body. It is my main goal with thisanalysis to localize actants and developmental dynamics, which I can use asguidelines in my later empirical analyses.

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Julie Sommerlund

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