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Opportunity and Implications of Grocery E-Commerce

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Purpose: To incorporate the element of sustainability of advantages into the concept ofFirst-Mover Advantage for analysis on grocery e-commerce. Grocery e-commerce is a relatively unexplored phenomenon in Denmark and I seek to explain this via the concept of FMA. In order to fully understand the complexity of the situation, sustainability of advantages needs to be incorporated into the concept. Design: Via a literature review on the subject of first-mover advantage, uncover the lack of sustainability of advantage.Hereafter construct a framework for analysis based on this literature review and coupled with previous empirical findings on grocery e-commerce. Findings: a) Providing insights into the concept of first- mover advantage, b) sustainability of advantages and c) providing a framework for analysis on advantages sought by acting entrepreneurial. Value: The applicability of the concept of first-mover advantage is very descriptive to date. With thispaper and hopefully more to follow, I wish to transform the FMA concepts into a tool for analysis addressing the very crucial element that is not dealt with today – sustainability.Keywords : First-Mover Advantage; e-commerce; grocery industry; sustainability

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Mads Vangkilde

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