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Proceedings of the 5th Danish Human-Computer Interaction Research Symposium

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Copenhagen Business School is happy to host the 5th Danish Human Computer Interaction Research Symposium. The aim of the symposium is to stimulate interaction between researchers from academia and industry through oral presentations and a keynote presentation. We received 17 paper contributions for the symposium, of which 14 were presented orally in four panel sessions. Previously the symposium has been held at University of Aarhus 2001, University of Copenhagen 2002, Roskilde University Center 2003, Aalborg University 2004. Torkil Clemmensen & Lene Nielsen Copenhagen, November 2005CONTENTINTRODUCTIONDHRS 2005 – CONFERENCE PROGRAMABOUT THE KEYNOTE SPEAKEREMOTION AS A CONSTRUCT IN HCIPradeep YammiyavarDESIGNING GAMES – BALANCING FUN AND SERIOUSNESSAnne Marie Kanstrup & Ellen ChristiansenTRAPS & TRIGGERS -DESIGN FOR DISCUSSION Rune NielsenEARLY EXPERIENCES FROM AN INSPIRATION CARD WORKSHOPKim Halskov Madsen & Peter DalsgårdFASTTRACK SCROLLING: A FASTER AND MORE SATISFYING SCROLLINGINTERFACE FOR WEB BROWSERS Søren JakobsenUSING PERSONAS TO GUIDE ITERATIVE DEVELOPMENTAnders Toxboe"THEN THE PICTURE COMES IN YOUR MIND OF WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN ON TV" –A STUDY OF PERSONAS DESCRIPTIONS AND USE Lene NielsenDEALING WITH REALITY - IN THEORY Gitte Skou PetersenA NEW IFIP WORKING GROUP – HUMAN WORK INTERACTION DESIGNRikke Ørngreen, Torkil Clemmensen & Annelise Mark-PejtersenCLASSIFICATION OF DESCRIPTIONS USED IN SOFTWAREAND INTERACTION DESIGNGeorg StrømOBSTACLES TO DESIGN IN VOLUNTEER BASED ORGANISATIONS Olav W. Bertelsen & Pär-Ola ZanderPROCESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS IN HIGHER EDUCATION E-LEARNING – A NEWRESEARCH AREA Karin Tweddell LevinsenFROM HANDICRAFT SCHOOL TO DESIGN UNIVERSITY Eva BrandtTHE USE PROJECT: BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN USABILITY EVALUATIONAND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTAls, B., Frøkjær, E., Hornbæk, K. , Høegh, R., Jensen, J., Nørgaard, M.,Skov, M., Stage, J. & Uldall-Espersen, T.BRIDGING BETWEEN IT AND THE ILLITERATE WORLD - RETHINKING HCIJanni Nielsen

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Torkil Clemmensen, Lene Nielsen

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